About Jessica Ringle

Jessica Ringle is a poet, songwriter, and author.

Born with a passion for wanderlust, Jessica has lived all over the United States. Her desire to travel and curiosity about life led her to a two-year stint as an older Peace Corps volunteer in Morocco where she focused on Jessica Ringlehelping local families and, in her spare time, honed her skills as a writer.

Once thought an incurable rolling stone, Jessica finally rolled to a stop in Western North Carolina where she lives happily alone and works as a psychotherapist in a small mountain town. Always a dreamer and storyteller, Jessica loves making things up, including songs, poetry, and stories for her friends.

The Novel: Making It Up

Jessica’s first novel, Making It Up, is the story of three generations of women who are bound together by long-buried secrets and a history known only to one of them.

Part mystery, part coming of age revelation, Making It Up weaves an intricate pattern of questions, lies, and betrayal into a puzzle with missing pieces, which when found, will change the course of a mother and a daughter’s lives forever.

How much do we really know about anyone, even those closest to us?  Angie, a single mom and her teenage daughter, Cady, are about to find out that they, like most of us, see what we want to see and are about to learn that they have been making it up all along…

More about the book and an excerpt »

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    Want to share part of a poem I've been working on:

    That needle in the haystack
    The jewel in the mud
    Can't be coaxed
    Won't be demanded
    Isn't tasted, touched or seen
    Neither past nor present
    Nor even just ahead
    Around some further bend
    It can't be pinned down
    The deathless
    Nothing everythingness
    Time space defying
    Dance with it...
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