Song Lyrics

Lyrics are poem stories set to music. It’s a tough medium getting the right words to fit a melody. Then sometimes it all just flows together seamlessly, effortlessly, as though you are an antenna picking up the rhythms, cadence, mood, and emotional muscle that is just perfect for the song.

Other times a phrase that becomes the “hook” pops up, along with a hot chorus and you’re off! Only to flounder around, desperately trying to keep the story going after such a blazing beginning. Like stubborn pieces of a puzzle, the words are right there but elusive, and it can take seemingly forever to finish a song that started off so promisingly.

The lyrics presented here are love songs to life, community, relationships, recovery, hope and healing. May they speak to you and touch something in your heart.


You Are Not Alone

Don’t give up, keep reaching for the light
Nothing lasts forever, not even this long night
You feel your heart’s been broken, no words of love are spoken
Everyone is gone, you feel you can’t go on
You are not alone,
You are part of everything
Rivers, clouds and stone
You are not alone,
Just listen to your still, small voice
And it will lead you home

Just look up, hear the rustling of the leaves
Feel your feet upon the earth
Rest awhile beneath the trees
Feel a raindrop on your worried brow
Relax and take a breath, come back to the now

Lose yourself in the sky
Watch the birds as they fly
Catch a ray of the sun
Bless each day as it’s done
Sing a song of the wind
Ask a bee where he’s been
Drown yourself in a rose
Feel the sand between your toes

You are not alone
You are part of everything
Rivers, clouds and stone
You are not alone
Just listen to that still small voice
And it will lead you home
You’re not alone
Never give up, keep reaching for the light
You’re not alone

Carsen’s Lullaby

What makes the wind blow through the trees?
Why does honey come from bees?
Why is the sky the color blue?
What made me and what made you?

What makes the stars shine bright at night?
Where does the sun get all its light
What make the grass its splendid green?
Why is this life like a short sweet dream?

Sleep well, my little friend
Another day has come to its own glad end
And all those questions in your mind
Most will be answered in their own sweet time

So rest your head, you dear little one
Tomorrow will bring a big yellow sun
And birds will wake you with a song of joy,
Carsen, you are loved and a special little boy
La, la, la, la, la,

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