I’ve been singing ever since I can remember and made my first dollar singing in a bar when I was nine years old with a Beatle wig on my head.

I started writing songs in my early teens when I was first learning how to play the guitar. Nashville was a stern teacher and I learned the craft of commercial songwriting during the 13 years I spent there.

It’s not an easy task to have a strong musical “hook” and then find lyrics to tell a story in 3 minutes or less.

Here’s my latest!!!

 You Are Not Alone


Ain’t No Dress Rehearsal
Wind in the Willows
Duking It Out With God
What If
The One That Got Away
Hard Headed
Better Luck


I dedicate this page to my dear friend and music mentor, William Charney, without whom none of these songs would appear here. They would remain songs in my head or badly played on my guitar for a few friends.

Billy paid for all the recording, wrangled all the talent, played rhythm guitar on the tracks and produced most of it. The album which features the song, “The One That Got Away,” is from his CD, “Even Jesus Gets the Blues.” You can access the title track on YouTube.

As soon as I find out where his music has moved, I will add a link so that those who are interested can listen to and enjoy his substantial legacy of music.

Billy, I have to say, life is a lot less fun with you gone, but I am so glad for all the times we had laughing, making music and learning how to have relationship. Hope you are rockin’ it wherever you are and resting easy…

The song “Better Luck” was co-written with my good friend, Randy Pitch. Miss you, gal!